AC Milan, here some more details on the 2012 numbers

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Thanks to the website CanaleMilan we can have some more details on the recently approved AC Milan Annual Report (December 31, 2012)


In the consolidated financial statements as of 31 December 2012 Ac Milan (which includes the subsidiaries Milan Entertainment and Milan Real Estate) recorded a record turnover of over E329 million, with capital gains for E53.4m. The summer transfer market, resulted in expenses of 16.5 million and disposals for a total of 54.4 million.

AC Milan, in a year of general economic crisis, has managed to expand its business:

  • matchdays revenues rose to E34m (+6 on the previous year);
  • brosdcasting rights to E140m (+25 on the previous year), of which E55m from the Champions League;
  • commercial, advertising and sponsorship revenues remained stable at around E80m.

The rejuvenation of the team and the cut at the upstream engagements will have effect, given the non season-related FY, especially in 2013 with another E40m savings on those of 2012, which already went down from E199m to E176m (under labor costs we must then add E53,6m amortization, in line with 2011).

Overall costs went down between 2012 and 2011 from E340m to E324m.

Good news also under a financial point of view: total debts fall from E386m to E342m, with a working capital of about E124m. In particular, bank debt reduced from E156m to E108m. 

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